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Posted:  12 Mar 2015 04:45  
Hello Everyone, my name is Andrew. This is my first time trying a plant talk site like this, and i'm looking forward to gaining advice and sharing knowledge with others. I have been working with plants and flowers for fourteen years. I am currently employed as an Interiorscape Horticulturalist Service Technician in the Milwaukee area and have been for ten months. Some of my experience includes working for a flower shop for 8 years and earning a associates degree in Horticulture.
Posted:  11 Sep 2016 16:02  
Hi Andrew
Also an interiorscaper from wise 30 years ago I worked in Milwaukee for Maxine appleby
Is she still around?
Posted:  14 Sep 2016 18:47  
Welcome! Most of the dialog happens on our Facebook group. We'd love to see you join there as well...


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