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Posted:  03 Mar 2016 18:28  
Hi All,

My name is Rosemary Hamilton and I am the new regional sales manager for International TreeScapes.  I'm new to the industry and have loved reading all the good information on this website.  I look forward to learning a lot from you guys as I am totally new to the industry.

Please view our brochure here:

Warmest Regards,

Rosemary Hamilton
Regional Sales Manager

International TreeScapes, LLC
180 Vallecitos de Oro
San Marcos, CA  92069
Cell:  312.343.7838
Toll Free:  800.527.8884
Fax:  760.631.6780
[email protected]
Posted:  14 Mar 2016 21:51  
Welcome Rosemary to the group.
Posted:  23 Jun 2016 12:58  
I'm a newbie to this industry and want to start an Interiorscape business. I am dizzy from all that is involved in running the business however, and wondering if anyone can outline a simple business plan that works. One business owner here stated they have 65 accounts and no overhead (besides buckets and h2o tanks) and no employees. How is that possible? I've been a tech for 1 year now for a mom and pop operation and it is very disorganized, plants rarely get replaced when needed and they have only 2 techs with 3rd one in training that they give no more than 30 hrs weekly (3rd tech only 10), PLUS they do plant rentals for various events thru out the year. There are several competitors in the area as well, and my employer has a monopoly over several large accounts due to underpricing all competitors out there. The employer has run this business semi-successfully for over 35 years. I want to run my business smarter and simpler, but I don't want to under dog my business. I want to make some profit. I also want to make offers to current accounts that have been complaining about the unreasonable time it takes for replacement service they are receiving from my current employer. For example, 10 year old plants that have been deteriorating over the years due to never getting soil changes and rarely fertilized, finally end up dead or near dead and 3-6 months go by before any replacement is made yet these accounts are under yearly contracts that  have paid for the service in advance, or some are monthly pay under annual contract. I want these customers to get a better service value for their money. Unless because of the cheap price they pay, their service quality just isn't high priority to my employer? I know I've presented several topics so please excuse me in advance. I'm basically looking for advice or input here. Whatever anyone can offer would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
Posted:  23 Jun 2016 15:27  
You have had the benefit (?) of learning how NOT to run a professional and profitable interiorscape business, so I think you have the right idea about how it SHOULD be done.  Try to go to one of the excellent interiorscape conferences (Mid-Atlantic, PIE, Cultivate) and take as many of the business-management seminars as you can. 

What I would NOT do is to "make offers to current accounts", no matter how badly your current employer has serviced them.  It's unethical to do that, and you could get sued by your employer.

Do it right.  Learn the business ropes from professionals that will teach you the professional way of running a business.

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