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Posted:  19 Jan 2012 16:50  
Hi all,

I have been an owner operator of a small exterior scape business for ten years. Prior to this I worked for an interiorscape company. I have studied horticulture and between business and personal pursuits, have gained experience in many facets of horticulture.

This year I hope to branch out into interiorscape. I have been reading lots of the forum discussions and will keep my eye on this site. It seems like a valuable resource for the industry.

Regardless of how well my venture into interiorscape goes, I embrace the experience of practicing, learning, and enjoying working in horticulture.

Thanks to all that make this forum possible and productive.
Posted:  20 Jan 2012 12:20  
From one 'newbie' to another, "Welcome; go for it; go to it!"
Posted:  20 Jan 2012 12:39  
Welcome Mark,

I too have been in the landscape side (design) and recently new into the interiorscape side. It'e like starting a new business to be honest with lots of research to be done from the plants to the actual work to the client/business side.

Good luck with it and Welcome!


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