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Posted:  18 Oct 2013 01:19  
Hello Everyone,
      I would like to know how to get into the interior plantscaping field(indoor landscaping)as a career change.I live in Cleveland,Ohio and have done landscaping(lawn maint.)for around 25 yrs. on and off.
I love it but can't do it yr. round and enjoy plant care and working with plants thus the career change into something I can do yr. round.I mainly did turf grass and spray ,fert. lawns diagnose turf diseases ect. as well as have installed lawns,beds,perinnials,annuals,trees and shrubs.
I would like to know where to go to get a job as well as break into the field with a good well established company.With my landscaping background do I still need a degree or certificate in horticulture or no.
Thank's to all who respond.
Posted:  18 Oct 2013 02:43  
Beermooch, I like your screen name.  At least I know that, if we met in a bar, I'm probably going to be paying.

That said, turf is nothing like interiorscape.  Landscape ornamentals are a little bit like interiorscape, but not much.  Of course, horticultural principles are mainly the same regardless, but the ecosystem of an office building or residence is unlike anything you have experienced outdoors. 

I suggest buying the book "The Healthy Indoor Plant" by Rosemarie Rossetti and Charles C. Powell.  It's a holistic approach to interior plant care that will be your bible in the field.

Then check locally for the names of some interiorscape companies in your area who might be hiring.  I suggest a year as a technician and/or installer before you can decide whether or not this is for you.

If you message me privately on this site, I'll gladly give you some leads.

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