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Posted:  10 Nov 2016 19:22  

my name is Xavi Rius and I'm the director of a new Spanish brand of citysens.com, a new indoor vertical gardens.

These are the advantatges of our new design:
- It's modular, so everyone can personalize the color, height, planter position, and type of plant.
- It includes a programmable irrigation system, as 31 days plant sitter.
- Its irrigation system is circular, so it saves water and it power consumption is only 0.2€/year

We are looking for partners to export the product globally. If you'd like to receive more info please send me an email to hola@citysens.com

Keep in touch!
Posted:  14 Jan 2017 20:41  
Interesting design, but to me as an interiorscaper, it looks like an accident waiting for an office cleaner to happen.

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