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Posted:  13 Jan 2011 20:10  
Hey Everyone,  We are researching into starting an interiorscape business.  Anyone have any advice on where to start with pricing?  How to figure pricing on contracts so we don't get left holding the bag?
Posted:  13 Jan 2011 23:49  
Ah, so you want the Holy Grail of interiorscaping, eh?  It's only taken most of us all of our careers to get that down pat, but I can give you some hints:

1. Know your true costs.  Everything.

2. Know your market...competitors' pricing strategies and tactics, market niches locally that you can exploit at higher-than-market rates, etc.

3. Decide how much profit you expect to make on a sale or a recurring service or lease account.

4. Then do the math.

Sorry, there are no magic bullets.  The "right answer" for one 'scaper will be the wrong answer for most others, even in the same market.  Each company has to figure out their own spreadsheet and price accordingly.

Best of luck in your new endeavor, and we're always hereabouts if you have questions after you do your calculations.

Posted:  01 Mar 2011 21:11  
Hello from Wisconsin!

I'm doing research as well. Any advice on how to

2. Know your market...competitors' pricing strategies and tactics??????

My 7 local competitors do not have websites advertising their services or fees.


And websites offering price quotes require you to have an established business in order to give you an estimate.

Thanks for the other great advice Clem!

And goodluck to you deeproots!
Posted:  02 Mar 2011 02:39  
Well, if you cold-call a few places that already have plants, you might be able to learn your competitors' pricing that way...many clients are only too happy to share, especially if they think you might be able to save them a few bucks.  Nobody really advertises their pricing, but there are ways to find out.

Posted:  04 Mar 2011 00:36  

...the sneaky-approach! I'm so not good at acting - but I"ll give it a try.

I'm in Wisconsin, so I'm probably not a competitor to any of you. Are any of you willing to tell me your pricing strategies (yes, the Holy Grail would be great).

Posted:  04 Mar 2011 04:07  
a good strategy is to charge as much as the market will bear. do your homework!
Posted:  04 Mar 2011 16:54  
Not sneaky at all...let's say you're out prospecting in a part of your service area you where don't currently have any accounts, and you go into a building with ten tenants.  You may have no idea who is servicing each one or the building itself, so you go into each space and engage the receptionist in a brief and friendly conversation to see what you can learn.  Maybe you leave a business card, maybe attached to a small plant, so they can remember you and get in touch if they decide to pursue things further.  At the very least, you might "mine" some info about your competition that will help you in pricing your own services to be competitive in that market. 

What would be sneaky would be to call another interiorscaper and impersonate a prospective client looking for pricing information.  But I don't know any interiorscapers dumb enough to give out that kind of info on the telephone, especially sight unseen.  So don't worry about your reputation or integrity being called into question...what I'm suggesting is fair game.

Posted:  04 Mar 2011 20:05  
Great advice!

I've just finished a business planning course, wrote a business plan- but with many unanswered questions, mostly concerning mkt research and pricing (kept searching for the majic bullet).

I'm going to back up a little bit, choose a supplier, calculate True Costs and then proceed.

Thanks Alex and Clem!
Posted:  05 Mar 2011 00:07  
Wish you all the best in your interiorscaping career!

And there is no "magic bullet", unless you are in possession of the resources to hire a consultant or a partner with eons of successful experience in the industry...it's all trial-and-error, the occasional seminar or course, and picking the brains of your colleagues when you can.  Have fun with it!  If you have to work, this ain't a bad gig!

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