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Posted:  26 Aug 2014 19:18  
I teach the Indoor Plants course at Virginia Tech and thought this might be a good way to keep up with the latest trends in the interiorscape industry.
Posted:  26 Aug 2014 20:11  
Welcome to 'Scaper Talk!  Check the archives for lots of good discussions and info.  Looking forward to hearing what you have on your mind as well.  There have been some attempts at creating an interior landscape curriculum at some colleges in recent years, so maybe you can tell us how your course fits into the curriculum at Va Tech.
Posted:  28 Aug 2014 17:21  
Thanks! My Indoor Plants course is an open elective, three credit course. The students are from all disciplines, I do have horticulture students that take the course, but also students majoring in engineering, business, architecture, etc. The course is offered both spring and fall semesters and is usually full. We have lecture then a hands-on lab. The students really enjoy the class and end up with lots of plant to take home at the end of the semester. The class has been offered for MANY years, I have people tell me they took the class 40 years ago! I look forward to checking out the discussions and info. on this forum.
Posted:  29 Aug 2014 00:18  
When I was a student at Rutgers in the 1970s, there was a 1.5 credit course given in the Hort department called "Plants for Social Enjoyment".  It was an overview of gardening, both indoor and outdoor, aimed at students who did not necessarily want to become professionals in the green industry.  It was there that I was exposed to the term "green meatballs", referring to the way many people (pros included) tended to prune shrubs into a ball shape and why that isn't good for the plant.  I also first heard the term "horticultural zoo", which the instructor used to criticize landscaping that featured one of every kind of plant with no particular design in mind.  I've had techs tell me they first realized you could make a living with plants in one of these courses that they took at the local community college or adult night school.  Whatever does the trick!

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