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Posted:  07 Aug 2015 22:24  
Howdy y'all!

My name is Phil and I've been lurking for about a month or so. I'm very happy to have found this spot and hope to one day contribute something useful.

About me: I'm about two months into running a warehousing and order fulfillment business designed for interiorscape products. Similar to Bill Gates and his vision to put a computer on every desk, I genuinely believe there should be a plant on every desk.

Anyway, I hope I can contribute at some point and look forward to all the threads to follow.


Posted:  07 Aug 2015 23:25  
Hi, Phil and welcome!

Tell us more...what kinds of products are you selling?  I guess you know our hosts here, NewPro Containers, run a very successful business that sells planters and supplies to our trade, and coincidentally, it's located in Zionsville, Indiana (small world, eh?).

At one time, there were plants on every desk...unfortunately, many came from big box stores or supermarkets and brought with them lots of fungus gnats and spider mites and other not-so-happy "guests", and so most ended up in the dumpster.

Nowadays, we're trying to hit that same target, but using quality, professionally installed and maintained plants and containers instead of mass-market junk. 

Nice to have another colleague in the industry.
Posted:  24 Aug 2015 18:39  
Hi Clem,

I totally forgot I posted this thread. Ah! Embarrassment is high!

Anyway, the NewPro team is great! They are actually the ones providing the "nuts and bolts" for my logistics startup. I've known Jeremy (NewPro CEO) for about six or seven years now and he and his team are very kind to let me flail around as I learn the ropes of your industry.

As for what products we're selling, technically, we're not selling any since we're focused on providing warehousing and order fulfillment and not sales/marketing. However, without being too much of a shameless plug, I'm happy to say that Garden Tower (vertical garden people), Ollie (irrigation people) and Suite Plants (living wall people) are currently enjoying my new logistics service. Each of them is a cool product with great founders/owners that are genuinely fun to talk about whenever I mention what I'm doing to strangers.

A plant on every desk.. and fungus on select pizzas and salads

Thanks for the welcome and my apologies for the late reply,


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