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Posted:  19 Jul 2011 17:20  
I'm new to the forum, & I work with GreenBidNet.com, where it is our mission to assist in the growth of green businesses and green building. I look forward to contributing & sharing ideas.

Posted:  25 Aug 2011 21:39  
Could you please tell me if there is anywhere I can find used watering machines?
Posted:  25 Aug 2011 22:00  
Yes, in our warehouse!

I'm guessing this would be one place to start, but try posting in your own new thread with a headline such as:


That should get you some attention.  However, a used machine will cost quite a bit to ship, depending on where you're located and where it's originating.  You can build your own, brand new, for a few hundred bucks if you're handy.  All you need is a pressure tank that will hold 12-16 gallons of water, some fittings, hose, and a caster dolly with a handle you can make yourself or attach it to a lightweight hand truck frame.  Happy hunting!

If all else fails, buy one new...it's an investment you won't regret.


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