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Posted:  27 Mar 2013 18:38  
I am very new to this and have virtually no experience in this at all. I know you're probably thinking I'm insane for starting a business I know nothing about. However, it is my plan to start very small and work my way up. I would appreciate any helpful hints and tips you throw my way.
Posted:  28 Mar 2013 06:25  
It would have made more sense to work in the industry first in order to learn the ropes and also to see whether it would be a good fit for your skillset and disposition.  You're really saddling yourself with quite a handicap by being a complete novice at plant care as you seem to imply.  Re-think this business before you jump in with both feet.  There are very few worthwhile trades or professions that don't require an apprenticeship or formal education of some kind before starting up a company.
Posted:  28 Mar 2013 18:40  
I've read a lot about your suggestions Clem and I think your a very valuable advisor in this forum, so I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my little intro. The problem with me following your (very wise) suggestion is, I live in a very small town in east Texas. Population is around 15,000, and for about a 150 mile radius there are no 'scapers. I understand the concern that you've previously expressed by mentioning that plant knowledge is extremely important to this work, as is, previous experience in this business. However, my father studied agronomy and my husband is in landscaping. I know your thinking that it's still not interiorscaping, but it's the closest I've got.
It does help, I think, that we're not completely ignorant of plants and their care, right? (I hope). Anyhoo, the town I live in is a very tight knit community and I know that my customers will be very honest in their feedback, therefore, helping me give interiorscaping a good name here...
Posted:  29 Mar 2013 01:28  
I wish you luck, Rosesketch, but my prior comments still apply (maybe moreso than before!).  Many people look at interiorscaping as a business you can get into with minimal investment in facilities, equipment, etc.  In a way that's true, but you're missing the point about practical experience in what is a pretty specialized segment of the green industry.  Many florists, landscapers and others have jumped into it and taken a bath.  You would be well-served to do some sort of apprenticeship yourself; hands-on tech work would be best.

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