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Posted:  26 Sep 2014 06:45  
Hi there!

I am really glad to have found this forum!

I am a horticulturalist with 10 years experience in various fields including hardscaping, landscape maintenance and greenhouse management. I have a diploma in horticulture, and I will soon be certified by the CNLA.

Three years of that time was spent as a interior landscape technician. I had a knack for the job and I loved every minute of it! (I even received "employee of the month" on multiple occasions.)

I have since moved to a much smaller city and I am planning on starting my own interior landscape company within the next year as there is currently no other interior landscaping company in the area.

I have been drawing up a business and marketing plan, and am still in the midst of conducting research for my business. That is how I stumbled upon this forum!

I would like to thank all who post on here. I have found your information helpful on various topics such as marketing and pricing strategies and supplier lists. Thank you for your input
Posted:  26 Sep 2014 16:49  
Welcome Kay! Here are some other resources I recommend if you're not already aware...

NewPro Interiorscape Blog


Johnson Fediw Associates - Consultants and Ma ...
Posted:  26 Sep 2014 19:51  
Thanks! Very helpful

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