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Posted:  25 Mar 2012 08:17  
Hi from Michigan.  Thinking of starting up in the business after careful planning.  Research brought me here.  Ya'll must be the experts, so maybe a lil guidence?  I have a number of healthy plants and a wonderful space for growing more.  Not quite sure where to start I suppose.  Anyone familiar with the licensing in Michigan?
Posted:  25 Mar 2012 20:18  
Browse the current archives, and also try searching the ancient archives of the original Interiorscape.com site at The Wayback Machine:


Posted:  21 May 2012 12:14  
Hello Every One !!!!
How are you all ? I hope you will fine with the blessing of GOD. I am Watson here from USA. And I am new on this forum. I think this the best way of communication all our difficulties or problems.
Posted:  24 May 2012 06:58  
God bless you watson and welcome.
Posted:  25 May 2012 04:19  
Posted:  26 May 2012 15:56  
Doesn't this appear to be fishy to anyone else?
Posted:  27 May 2012 00:41  
I always find broken English to be fishy....
Posted:  27 May 2012 01:08  
That too, but I really meant the spam link...
Posted:  01 Jun 2012 23:38  
greetings from Fla.  I'm a retired interior horticulturist (25 yrs), and kinda missin the biz.  Hoping to have some good discussions, pass on some of the things I've learned, and keep on learning some new stuff.

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