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Posted:  14 Sep 2011 04:30  
I am an interior designer who studied at Cal State San Marcos. I have decided to start working with plants. I had a great teacher, my mom. So hi to everybody!!
Posted:  14 Sep 2011 20:18  
Hi, lady...would you mind letting us all know your real name?  I know it's not required, but most of us like knowing who we're corresponding with.

Welcome to the biz...once you've done your homework on how to run an interiorscape business, come on here and ask questions...there are lots of folks here willing and able to help you out.

Posted:  17 Sep 2011 03:43  
Hello Miss Lady,
Welcome to the world of plants and flowers! I hope you will the enjoy the new business and the work you will be doing.  It is a pleasure to work in such a business that makes people smile whats not to like?  I make flower arrangements and provide plantcare for my very nice customers.


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