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Posted:  29 May 2013 19:18  
My name is Yvonne and I new to this website.  I have been in the plant industry for years, since I was 19 years old. I have worked in nurseries, interior scape businesses, landscape industry (freelance designs), retail sales, growers, cut flower industry and I want to start an interiorscape and somewhat exteriorscape business.  I do not have formal schooling for plants.  I have 3 years completed towards Bachelors of Arts in Religion and Philosopy and my other career has been as a paralegal.  It is with plants that my heart and passion come alive and after fighting it for years, I want to be a plant lady!!
Do you all have any experience you would like to pass along?  How did you start, what was your motivator?  Anything would be beneficial.  Thank you in advance. Yvonne
Posted:  30 May 2013 22:24  
Yvonne, welcome back from The Dark Side!

Seriously, it's never too late too start, and passion and dedication will go a long way toward guiding your path to success.  That said, you also need some operating capital and a business plan.  What do you have in mind regarding facilities, vehicles, employees, marketing, etc.?

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