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Posted:  25 Jan 2012 21:57  
My name is Angelo and I'm currently a student in the Landscape Horticulture program at Western Technical College in La Crosse, WI. This is my second year in the program and I've decided I want to get more into interiorscaping after I complete the program and recieve my Associates degree. I just discovered this site and think it's an excellent idea! I was also wondering if someone can guide me to any interiorscaping associations that may exist online (perferably free). Thanks for your help! I look forward to talking with you guys more.
Posted:  28 Jan 2012 06:49  
Go to www.piagrows.org

Posted:  24 Feb 2012 01:16  
You can get info also from www.ofa.org. They have a student rate.(OFA based in Ohio that does educational seminars in Columbus OH in July. (you can ask Linda at LaCrosse Floral Shop in LaCrosse about it. She is a member and past Board of Director) and also www.landcarenetwork.org. which is PLANET
Posted:  27 Feb 2012 06:19  
Thanks, Kentia! I'm already a member of PLANET (through school.). How do you know Linda? She already knows I'm interested in interiorscaping. We'll be making time to chat soon.
Posted:  27 Feb 2012 18:46   Last Edited By: alex 
also check out http://www.interiorplantscaper.com/chat
Posted:  28 Feb 2012 00:20  
Funny that alex would break with netiquette and plug a competing forum here by name.

One thing I should mention...on that other forum, you cannot participate or even view all the content without registering under your REAL NAME and business identity.

Posted:  28 Feb 2012 05:30  
i didnt think it was a problem as its been mentioned before but delete the message if you think its out of line clem
Posted:  28 Feb 2012 22:29  
Welcome, Angelo!  You may want to sign up for our free online magazine for interiorscapers, you'll find it at www.i-plantsmagazine.com, it comes out once a month and is archived on the website.  I-Plants Magazine
Posted:  29 Feb 2012 00:48  
I know that the other forum does not like it if you mention this one by name, so I religiously avoid doing that and refer to it generically.  It would be better to privately message someone about the details.  No biggie, and I don't moderate the forum, so no need to worry about deletion.

Posted:  22 Mar 2012 00:24  
Angelo, I've known Linda for many many years through OFA. We have volunteered together for that organization and she has been on some of my committees that I chair. In fact, I just saw her this past wekend in Atlanta for the Holiday/Gift Show and was telling her about you. She said she already knew you because she is mentoring you. Talk with her about the oppurtunites that OFA can offer you. Rich

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