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Posted:  03 Jun 2016 15:12  
Hi everybody!

It's very nice to meet you all!

My name is Anthony, and I live in Melbourne, VIC. A few years ago I and a friend of mine started a landscaping and gardening company called Fantastic Gardeners Melbourne. We started with a few small projects and simple maintenance assignments, but after a couple of years we upgraded our equipment and now we provide almost everything our clients ask us to, even building indoor and outdoor water features. You can check us out here - http://www.fantasticgardenersmelbourne.com.au ... . So, with the growth of our business the assignments we're being given are harder too, so I decided to start exchanging experience and knowledge with other specialists in my area. So, I'm here.

I hope I will meet many nice people with the same interests as mine and learn many new things from you guys.

Have a nice weekend!
Posted:  02 Aug 2017 14:05  
Hello Anthony

Good to see you! I am new on this platform and got excited to know that you also have gardening interest. Same as you, I also have a gardening company named http://www.gardeners-melbourne.com [url=http://www.gardeners-melbourne.com][/url]So, I am very excited to discuss gardening ideas with you. Hope I will learn lot more from you!

Posted:  12 Aug 2017 09:08  

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