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Posted:  09 Jul 2013 21:38  
I am so happy to find this forum.
Posted:  09 Jul 2013 21:44  
Does anyone have any suggestions for Bloomers in the summer?  It seems we only have luck with Kalanchoe and Calandiva.  This year all of our Begonias collapsed after 1 week.
Posted:  10 Jul 2013 04:31  
Bromeliads, orchids, anthuriums (especially the larger flowered reds that look like smaller versions of the cut anthuriums you see in florist shops), forced azaleas (usually from the West Coast), Clivia, Aphelandra.  Those are all tropicals that will hold up for at least 2-3 weeks and up to 12 weeks or even longer in the case of some bromeliads.
Posted:  07 Aug 2013 07:21  
Hi,Iam new to the forum and have been reading up on several topics.good stuff people.Thanks so much.
Posted:  24 Dec 2013 12:19  
Hello Every One,Welcome this forums.

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