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Posted:  13 Jul 2011 03:13  
Thought I'd take a moment to give a little background info about the person behind this ID.

I hale from Florida. I've been an interiorscape tech, with the same company, for over 17 yrs. I worked in landscaping before that. I'm state licensed in pest control (L&O) and have been our company's PCO since 1997.

My goal is to start my own company soon. I had plans in place when the economy tanked and my husband lost his job. It has set my goals back a bit but I'll get there.

I love plants but have very few in my own house. I tend not to want to water them.

I love growing and experimenting with tomatoes. The past few winters here in FL have been hard on my crops.
Posted:  25 Jan 2012 22:06  

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