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Posted:  03 Mar 2015 22:36  
Long time reader, first time poster (member now).
I have been in the plant Biz for approximately 3 decades. Initially as a researcher, then as a garden center/florist owner, and now as an aspiring interiorscaping entity. Having been through all the trials and tribulations associated with a start up, My instinct is to approach this sector of horticulture with a little manifest experience. Do any members know of an established provider, with a respectably sized clientele, that may be interested in retiring or otherwise exiting the business? I am interested in a merger ( if the proprietor is interesting in moving to a half or partial work schedule) or acquisition. In terms of annual revenue/sales, I am looking at something in the 400-700k area. If you or anyone you know is interested in acting on their long ago planned exit strategy, I am interested in discussing the opportunity.

Best Regards,
Posted:  03 Mar 2015 23:10  
Welcome! You may want to post this in our private Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/interiorscape/

Also contact Art at the National Interiorscape Network. His group actually coaches interiorscapers looking to sell their businesses. I'm sure he could put you in touch with opportunities... http://interiorscapenetwork.com/

Consider joining Green Plants for Green Buildings. They're also well connected and may be able to help you...
Posted:  16 Mar 2015 18:37  
Hi, just noticed your response, thanks! I have been visiting the fb page and had some meaningful interaction too. I have briefly exchanged info with Art and await his response, I think he is busy with business at present.

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