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Posted:  02 Aug 2011 19:33  
I started an interior plantscaping business back in January of this year to supplement my income, and hopefully it'll eventually become my main source of income.

A little bit about my background in the industry:

Horticulture certificate from University of Guelph, Landscape Industry Certified (first and only in the province), licensed pesticide applicator, and I've been with a nursery full-time for the last 4 years comprised of 15 greenhouses, a garden centre, and floral design area.  We grow annuals, perennials, roses... all the typical ornamentals you would expect, and poinsettias for Xmas.  And, of course, a greenhouse dedicated to interior plants, which is definitely my favourite greenhouse!

I look forward to picking the brains of the experienced, sharing what I know, and, well... just talking shop!
Posted:  02 Aug 2011 23:17  
Nice to have a newbie on board with such an impressive resume...it gives you a leg up on the competition, believe me.

Welcome to 'Scaper Talk!


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