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Posted:  11 Oct 2014 01:20  
To all you plant lovers, love the vast info. on this site. Interiorscaper for many years, tech,sales etc, Finally, branching out on my own ! best recommendation for a computer program to use before and after presentations! Love the knowledge and advice from many on this forum! Always,learn something new! Thanks Guys keep posting! Love Love!
Posted:  11 Oct 2014 03:02  
You can use any good image-editing program for presentations...digital renderings using actual site photos as backgrounds for your compositions of plants in containers, beds, built-ins, etc. are a great sales aid, because we're in a visual business.  A printout of plant names and specs with prices just doesn't make it these days.  Photo-realism sells.

For business management, you can get by nicely with Excel and Word for your forms, quotations and documents, or you can buy a specially-designed suite for interiorscapers, such as Shining Brow and Compuscapes, which are costly but do everything from quotations to invoices to inventories to replacement tracking to whatever else you might need to organize and integrate for your new business.

Good luck, and keep checking back!
Posted:  11 Oct 2014 13:52  
Thankyou Clem, appreciate everything posted!😀
Posted:  11 Oct 2014 21:27  
This may be loosely related, but we offer a non-branded website for you to use in sales presentations. The site and catalog flip books look great on tablets, mobile phones and laptops.


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