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Posted:  01 Mar 2011 21:30  
Hi Everyone!

Could someone explain the bidding process to me?

1. How do potential clients advertise they are looking for an interiorscape service?

2. Is this typically done in January or throughout the year?

3. Are there ways to get hold of mailing lists of businesses which use interiorscape services?

4. How can I know if a buiness is "up for bid"?

Interiorscape companies in my area don't have websites, only phonebook listings, so it would seem potential clients are just using the phonebook to find us, but am I missing something?


Never stop growing,

Posted:  02 Mar 2011 02:45  
The best way to get on bid lists (be careful what you wish for, though) is to become certified as one of the various categories of small, minority, women-owned or disadvantaged business enterprises through your state's Commerce Department or similar agency.  Then you'll receive solicitations from related agencies and groups that specialize in connecting potential customers with such enterprises, including holding vendor fairs and other similar meet-and-greet events throughout the year.

Another way is to go through the list of major companies in your area, contact their purchasing department, and ask how you can get on their approved vendor list.  Many companies no longer bid out small-dollar work like interiorscaping, preferring to contact individual vendors on an as-needed basis.  Often, they will only do this to satisfy their corporate due-diligence requirements to get competitive pricing every couple of years or so, so don't get your hopes up TOO high if you receive such an invitation.

True bidding is largely a thing of the past, when huge corporations like the old AT&T, various large pharma companies, etc. would hold a cattle call every three to five years, caravanning people across the state to look at the plants in various facilities they occupied or owned and considering pricing bids from upwards of a dozen or more bidding firms.  It's just not done that way anymore.

Posted:  04 Mar 2011 00:18  
Great advice!



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