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Posted:  30 Mar 2011 01:55  
PIA is offering a half day seminar in Houston on April 8. Plant Tech Tune-Up will cover insects & diseases, fertilization, saftey issues, customer relations and more. It is designed for interiorscape technicans, owners and managing personnel and will be led by Heddy Salerno, CLT. Find out more by visiting http://www.piagrows.org/PDFs/TechTuneFlyer030 ...
Posted:  30 Mar 2011 15:52  
This is a great idea that should be done as a webinar or offered as a downloadable video class so techs who cannot travel to central locations where these seminars are offered can benefit. 

One of our industry's major issues is PROFESSIONALISM.  The level of standardization is not great, because most of the companies in the industry started as mom-and-pops and can be subject to the limitations of the horticultural expertise of either the principals or managers/supervisors who train the techs.  So having an accredited organization with qualified individuals doing the training will help to bring techs up to spec nationwide.

Plus, alternative platforms such as webinars or video courses would give techs the flexibility to benefit from the courses by scheduling their sessions around their work schedules. 

Posted:  01 Feb 2012 21:32  
I agree with Clem. I'd totally attend a webinar. I can't really afford to drive to Houston from Wisconsin...
Posted:  01 Feb 2012 23:37  
Well now you don't have to travel. I have several online courses for interiorscapers available on my website.  And we'll be developing more this year so stay tuned!  Just go to www.JFAConsultingBiz.com and call or email me if you have any questions.  The courses are priced for unlimited viewing, which means all your techs can participate and any new techs you hire in the future can take the course, too.  And if you prefer live workshops just for your company I do that, too.  Best wishes,
Kathy Fediw

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