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Posted:  31 Jan 2011 06:19  
I read about an event for interiorscapers at Longwood Gardens but have somehow misplaced the info. Anyone know about this - Its in April
Posted:  31 Jan 2011 15:22  
Hi great to see this back.

Info on this here

http://interiorplantscaper.com/greenchat/inde ...
Posted:  17 Feb 2011 21:50  
Yep, April 14th Longwood Gardens. Interior Plantscape Symposium. Partnership between Planet and OFA. We are sending a couple of people, looks like a good day of training. More info at OFA.org or LandcareNetwork.org
Posted:  18 Feb 2011 01:15  
There's never a bad day at Longwood...it's worth staying over for a second day just to see the gardens and the conservatories at that time of year.

My family has strict instructions to sprinkle my ashes beneath the Strongylodon macrobotrys vine in the tropical house there when I die!

Posted:  21 Feb 2011 18:14  
Hope it doesn't get mealybug, Clem! 

Posted:  21 Feb 2011 18:36  

I've been tempted to buy a Jade Vine many times over the years, in spite of the cautions in the literature that they require "free root run" to grow and bloom, and that they cannot be confined to a container...thirty-five bucks for a 3" pot has managed to keep me on the saner side of the equation, though.  I'll have to confine my obsession for this plant to my infrequent visits to the Gardens and an occasional peek at photos online.

Posted:  21 Feb 2011 22:28  
Oooo...just saw they have a red jade vine.  REALLY gotta have that one!

Posted:  21 Feb 2011 23:58  
Nah, the green one is the real deal...one of four plants, I think it is, with that color flower.  Another is Ixia viridiflora, a bulbous plant from South Africa...another is the Chilean bromeliad Puya berteroniana...the other is Crossandra infundibuliformis.  There may be one more, but I can't recall it. 

Google photos of those four and you'll find yourself instantly transported to the tropics, regardless of the fact that it's going to snow...AGAIN...in NJ tonight!

Posted:  20 Mar 2011 00:07  
Just a reminder to all that the Interior Plantscape Symposium at Longwood Gardens is fast approaching. Being held on Thursday April 14th this one day educational symposium is sure to have you walking away with more info than you thought possible. The symposium will count towards your CEU's and several sessions for Pesticide Update Credits both Core and Category(in many states).  Presented by both OFA and PLANET. Check out www.landcarenetwork.org for more info and registration form.

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