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Posted:  15 Mar 2011 19:51  
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Rocky and I was born and raised in a greenhouse in Miami, FLA. I have been living and working as a landscaper/interioscaper in Switzerland for the last 20 years.

There is a huge Plant Exhibit here in Z├╝rich, Giardina 2011, that starts on the 16th of this month, would it be of any use to anyone to have a report, also cliff notes and a few pics about how they do stuff over here?

I am visiting and thought it might inspire and interest you all Stateside to see a little sample of Swiss Style Scaping!

Give me some feedback as I will be several days on tour and there is some extraOrdinary Stuff, these Ladies and Gents are Doing, that just might give yall a Boost for your next Project

Just an Idea, normally I would have spoken with Jeff, and organized this a bit more professional, but ya know hoow things are these daze, we are all BootStraping! It's just the way it is for now, sooner or later, they'll be coming to us in hoards But for now we have to be even more creative than we already are, hard to imagine, but Yes We Can!!!

BTW, I have a Project where we require 500 to 1500 Liter Containers, preferably Synthetic Materail, while they are Huge Palms we have to place in the greenhouse for the 6 month winter period, it would thrill me to hear if anyone has any ideas becaus eover here it is hard to find, also with a pallet rolley, or forklift can be relocated seasonally!

I apologize for the English, but it has been awhile, LOL

Looing Forward to Hearing from yall on this one!


Rocky Bradley

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