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Posted:  03 Jan 2013 01:20  
Some of my pots need touch ups. Some of the paint has scraped off the fiberglass containers, and on my shiny gold pots the color has flaked off. Is there a durable paint that I could use to spruce them up. Thanks!
Posted:  03 Jan 2013 02:46  
If you're dealing with resin (plastic) planters, Krylon makes a special spray enamel series for plastic surfaces.  You will need to sand the surface of your container to make the paint adhere better (I use a 3M sanding sponge, wet or dry) and be sure to clean off all the dust before refinishing.

For fiberglass, you could try the Krylon, but best long-term results are obtained by having them repainted by an auto body shop using paint specially made for fiberglass auto body parts.

For real metals, you can try metallic spray paints labeled for application to metallic surfaces, but I doubt that you can just "touch-up" the marred portions without having to completely repaint.

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