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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / Human Resources / Workers Comp class codes for interior landscapers
Posted:  07 Aug 2014 19:01  
Just wondering what class code other interiorscapers have used for registering for workers compensation rates. As usual, our industry is not specifically listed. We are currently under "Florist store and drivers", code #8001, which I believe is a national system. In CT, we currently are paying 6.84%! I don't want to mislead the state about our risk classification but am wondering if there is a code that comes close to describing what we do, with a lower rate.
Posted:  20 Jul 2015 20:41  
We too are clasified under code 8001 in California. I just got a quote for WC and it is at 9.07% =.

I want to make sure what categories other companies are classified as  to make sure that we are classified correctly.

Posted:  21 Jul 2015 17:22  
We're under florists as well.  You DEFINITELY do not want to be put under landscaper!
Posted:  21 Jul 2015 23:28  
The NIGP code for "Plant maintenance, indoor" is 91061.

Technically, we are considered landscapers for purposes of licensing and sales tax collection in New Jersey. 

Not sure if that helps or hurts your rate.

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