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Posted:  29 Dec 2012 02:08  
Lets say I am looking for a person with a horticulture degree w/ growing experience for an established greenhouse & interior garden. Where could I begin my search for such a person? What is a "good" pay/benefit package that someone would move for?
Posted:  29 Dec 2012 16:27  
There are several online "green industry" jobs sites, just Google that search phrase.  You could also contact the local vo-tech schools that have hort programs, either high school or community college level, and they may even provide some funds to subsidize the pay of the trainees/students while they are still in school.  I guess Monster and other generalized online job sites would also be a possibility, if only because novice horticulture grads may not be aware of the industry-specific sites that advertise jobs in horticulture.

As for what type of compensation would be appropriate to offer, you should speak with owners/managers of other similar businesses in your general area of the country to determine what the market is locally.  You'll probably find numbers all over the place, unfortunately, because it's not a huge, booming industry nationwide, more of a regional one with a lot of small, owner-operated companies that may have a significantly different idea of an employee's value than another company in the same market.

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