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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / Human Resources / Is a Design Assistant the same as a tech?
Posted:  23 Oct 2013 18:51  
I'm a newbie but am looking into a job as a Design Assistant with an interiorscape company.  It entails creative abilities (which I have many) so I would imagine it's different than a tech, no?
Posted:  23 Oct 2013 19:22  
Yes, I would expect so.  Must be a fairly large company to have such a specialized job description...in many interiorscape firms, there isn't just a "design assistant" position, you'd be multi-tasking as well as aiding the designer, who also would likely be a salesperson, manager, owner, etc.

Perhaps it would involve digital rendering for proposals, working on specs for quotes, sourcing unusual containers for special jobs, that sort of thing.  But I wouldn't be surprised if it also involved other, seemingly unrelated aspects of interiorscaping, maybe even fill-in teching or installation and prep work. 

One way to find out...ask!
Posted:  23 Oct 2013 20:21  
Yes, thanks Clem!!  I have an interview on Monday and I was just trying to gauge if the salary would be similar.  I'm hoping to be able to take the job if offered but have to make a certain amount to get by with the bills.  I'm hoping my experience with several things they are looking for will put me over a basic tech position: photoshop, illustration and experience with silk arrangements was on the list, which I believe is a bit more skilled.  Here's hoping they like me and can offer just enough for me to be able to get by (or more of course but I'm not counting on it).
Posted:  23 Oct 2013 20:22  
I already hold a few part time jobs so there isn't much room.  But my current full-time position is only 30 hours a week so it may work out. 
Posted:  25 Oct 2013 01:47  
Wishing you luck (if you decide you want the job), and not to be negative, but it's always helpful to temper youthful exuberance with a small dose of reality.

My Intro to Hort prof at Rutgers once told us that the only way you'll get rich in the plant business is when you ultimately sell the land your business is located on!
Posted:  10 Nov 2013 03:30  
Barnsticle - any updates on how it went? I'm curious on how to break through into the industry as an entry-level individual.

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