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Posted:  19 May 2015 20:38  
What are the best sites to post jobs for our industry. We would like to attract people with experience in the interiorscape industry. So far I have tried the local newspaper, local colleges with horticultural programs, craigslist, Monster.com and hortjobs.com.
Any other suggestions?
Posted:  19 May 2015 20:41  
if you are interested, we currently have an opening for an experienced operations manager and a supervisor. Both jobs can be viewed at hortjobs.com
Posted:  05 Jun 2015 07:33  
Hi ,I had a good idea,you can post on Linkedin,So many people are professional.
Posted:  06 Jun 2015 05:43  
To date, I know of no one who thinks LinkedIn is of any use to anyone but the people who own its stock.  Just sayin'.

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