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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / Human Resources / Advice on hiring through staffing agency versus employee hiring, benefits and insurance
Posted:  16 Jul 2015 18:39  

Currently, we hire our interiorscape technicians through a staffing agency in San Francisco Bay Area. We are considering employing them directly. Are there pluses and minuses of hiring them through a staffing agency versus hiring them directly. In the event that we hire them directly, I am looking for guidance for

- typical benefits offered to plant maintenance technicians.

- Are there standard offer letters or boilierplates available to hire plant maintenance technicians.

- We currently have our Insurance through Hartford. I have heard of Hortica. Do we have recommendations for other inusrance carriers as well.

I appreciate your inuput.

Thank you,
Posted:  20 Jul 2015 17:23  
Unfortunately, there's nothing "typical" about hiring and compensating interiorscape technicians.  Most are hourly employees, and depending on the laws of your state, could be subject to non-compete/non-disclosure agreements as a condition of employment. 

Hortica is a good company, with a lot of specific experience in the green industries.  There are others in different parts of the country.  Ask your Farm Bureau whether they offer insurance in conjunction with membership.
Posted:  20 Jul 2015 17:56  
Clem - Thank you for your input.

What is the class code used for Workmens comp categorization for Interiorscape companies?

Thank you,

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