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Posted:  10 Nov 2013 06:20  
I glue the ornaments on the artificial wreaths and they come off because the glue melts the wreaths. I wire them on & ornaments pop off the plastic tops.
Any secrets to keeping the ornaments on artificial wreaths?
Posted:  11 Nov 2013 00:26  
You can use what's called "low-temperature hot glue" on heat-sensitive items like wreaths and get good results.  Or you can hot-glue the point at which the ornament snaps onto its stem to prevent it coming off, then wire the whole works to the wreath.  We usually have to do some refreshing of wreaths and their decorations every year after removing them from storage in preparation for the upcoming holiday installations, so we don't expect them to be perfect forever.  It will depend on the construction of your ornaments...if they are one-piece construction more or less, you shouldn't have issues if you wire the whole thing to the wreath.  You'll also find that you can twist the wire "pick" of picked decorations around the rings of the wreath and secure them that way.
Posted:  11 Nov 2013 02:04  
thanks, I'll give it that a try.

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