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Posted:  27 Nov 2012 22:46  
Is it okay to leave poinsettias  packed in sleeves for a few days. I don't have to deliver them yet. Thanks!
Posted:  28 Nov 2012 02:42  
No.  They give off ethylene gas and will "suffocate" themselves.  It will look like wilt, but they will stay that way, no matter how much you water them.
Posted:  29 Nov 2012 02:15  
It's not a good idea to leave ANY plant sleeved for more than a day or two in transit from the nursery where it originated.  Poinsettias are even more finicky, being soft-tissued and having a relatively short shelf life under the best of conditions.  Leaving them in sleeves causes naturally occurring ethylene gas to accumulate around the plant inside the sleeve (even perforated poly sleeves), and it also causes condensation to form on leaves and bracts, which can cause spotting, discoloration and blights like botrytis to break out (additionally, paper sleeves cut off light to the foliage, leading to yellowing and leaf drop).  Pull plastic sleeves down around the pot so they are easily re-wrapped when ready for delivery, or remove paper sleeves altogether.

Posted:  13 Jul 2013 00:33  
We provide Poinsettias in "hats".  We put plastic saucers inside the hats so there won't be any leaks.  But the saucers' sides can be seen bulging through the foil.  How does everyone else install Poinsettias?
Posted:  13 Jul 2013 14:39  
You can purchase very deep clear vinyl liners that taper more than the shallow ones toward the bottom of the pot so they will fit into potcovers or "hats" (always hated that term...it's generally used by roadside holiday plant peddlers these days).  They allow you to fit them inside the covers with no bulging and are deep enough (5" or so for the 6" pot size) to allow for wick platforms or Oasis disks or Sippers for subirrigation of the blooming plants, which is a big plus for holiday rotations or any high-water-use flowering or foliage plants.

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