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Posted:  08 Nov 2012 15:39  
Anyone know where to get a good menorah for a building lobby?

Posted:  08 Nov 2012 16:17  
Google...many results, check prices, the menorahs themselves are all imported from the same sources abroad.

Posted:  08 Nov 2012 16:21  
I already did google, found some but just wanted to see if there was anywhere anyone recommended.

Posted:  08 Nov 2012 17:44  
Not really.  Unless you live in New York City and have access to a Judaica store in a Jewish neighborhood, online is all you have, and they're all the same.

Posted:  08 Nov 2012 17:45  
I think the one we've used is anymenorah.com, but if you download the app called "The Invisible Hand", you can get a quick comparison of all online prices for any item you find on a website.

Posted:  11 Sep 2013 21:38  
I've had success at sourcing them from a few local Homegoods stores, they're very nice metal, not the cheap plastic kind  Got to get there early though, they go fast.
Posted:  12 Sep 2013 00:32  
You can get the metal ones any day of the week from one of the online Judaica sites, and often cheaper than Homegoods or anywhere local.
Posted:  12 Sep 2013 21:28  

or just go on Amazon.com and search there.  If you have one of the internet comparison shopping apps installed on your computer, such as The Invisible Hand, it will actually tell you where you can get the searched item cheaper on the web.  You should be able to find many metal and even silverplated electric menorahs with flickering bulbs on sale for around $70.00 or so right now.

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