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Posted:  19 Feb 2015 06:50  
AmericanHort and PLANET are presenting our 5th annual Symposium on April 8 and 9th at Longwood Gardens. Wednesday afternoon April 8th is devoted entirely to a Holiday Workshop with designers from the following companies teaching you what's new and how to be profitable: RAZ Imports, Seasons4 Lights, Autograph Foliage and Vicky Cate on pricing, bidding and selling. AmericanHort.org or landcarenetwork.org for registration
Posted:  19 Feb 2015 15:45  
Hey Rich,

Do you think you could enter this one more time?  We missed it the first two times!

Posted:  19 Feb 2015 20:14  
Julie, just covering all bases of where Interiorscapers look on this site. Can't fault me on that for getting the word out. We have missed you, maybe you should attend this year.
Posted:  19 Feb 2015 22:03  
Sorry I can't make it...that's the week after Easter and the beginning of our spring shipping season at the greenhouses.  I will be at Longwood to see the annual Orchid Extravaganza next week, though.  I have fond memories of the Mid-Atlantic Conferences at Longwood...and still keep all the program binders in a handy location in my office for reference.  Everyone who can go, should go!
Posted:  20 Feb 2015 01:23  
Sorry to hear that Clem. It is going to be a fantastic symposium. Thanks for the recommendation in your last sentence.
Posted:  20 Feb 2015 16:16  
Knowledge is power.  'Nuff said.

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