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Posted:  23 Oct 2012 20:23  
Hi All,

Anyone have an estimate of how many ornaments you use on 9', 7' 5' and 12' holiday trees?

Posted:  23 Oct 2012 20:58  
That would depend on the type and size of your ornaments.  I've done the estimates in a couple of different ways, including a to-scale image of the tree with digitally pasted-on large-size (8" - 14" long) ornaments, and it really will depend on the nature of your beasts, both tree (space available between tiers of branches for "dangle", size and number of "holes" to cover, etc.) and ornaments.  I think most of us have learned via trial-and-error, and you will probably have to do that, too. 

Here are a couple of online resources that may or may not help:

http://www.christmaslightsetc.com/pages/Ornam ...

http://www.santasquarters.com/christmas-decor ...

http://www.santasquarters.com/commercial-orna ...

http://www.shinodadesigncenter.net/2011/11/02 ...

That should keep you busy with your calculator until almost Thanksgiving, no?


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