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Posted:  19 Jan 2011 04:17  
Bidding on a new project and have been asked to try and use as much "green" green material as I can.  Was looking on the application from the Green Earth Certification and they suggest using plants that are eco-cerified.  Who sells them?  They suggest using plants grown locally, that's great for people from Fla but up here in PA there aren't too many varieties I use indoors that are grown around here (except Poinsettias).  Also what containers have a powder coated finish or are more eco friendly-  I have seen Bamboo ones from Arch Suppliments but any with color?  I will suggest subirrigation .I would love to do the living wall, need some help with it.  Any oter suggestions?
Posted:  19 Jan 2011 14:51  
Ask your suppliers to document their level of "greenness" in production of plants or containers, and you may get some quizzical looks or even a chuckle.  Some may be very eager to accommodate your request for that info, but be aware that most plastic/resin containers must by definition contain some "virgin" resin in the manufacturing process, even if their recycled content is significant, and that the vast majority of floriculture crops receive applications of some sort of chemical pesticide/fungicide/fertilizer/growth regulator during the production process in order to get the crop to market in prime salable condition. 

As for plants, ask the grower whether that nursery is growing your plants under organic guidelines set down by EPA and private certifying groups.  Chances are, there aren't more than a couple who do that.  The yearning for "green" is still pretty far ahead of the curve for making it happen in real life.


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