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Posted:  30 Jan 2011 22:24  
Are all the old archives from the last forum gone? There was such a wealth of info in them it would be great to try and still have access to them.
Posted:  31 Jan 2011 01:01  
I would bet that the new owners were smart enough to buy the archives along with the domane name
Posted:  31 Jan 2011 04:58  
I'm not sure about the answer to that one, Dianne, but I did discuss it with the folks at NewPro recently, and I was told that the archives were not included in the deal.  Whether the archives still exist, I'm not sure, but they probably do, since saving even a large amount of text files doesn't take much memory by today's standards.

You are correct that there is a treasure trove of info in those old threads, and it would be great if they could be accessed here again.

Posted:  31 Jan 2011 05:01  
you think they werent that smart then clem?
Posted:  31 Jan 2011 05:07  
I just don't think it was included in the deal.  Maybe it was a separate package and the cost was prohibitive, I don't know.  Or maybe the archives just weren't offered...no content was included in the new site, just the domain name and the name "Scaper Talk".  I guess the magazine considered the archives (including "In Liu Of" articles that originally appeared in the mag) to be their editorial property and a separate and distinct company asset...that's just my guess.

Posted:  02 Feb 2011 15:53  
NewPro purchased the domain after the site had been down for a few months. Only the domain was for sale.

Alex, think of it as buying the house but not the furniture. Intelligence has nothing to do with it, you can't buy the furniture if it's not for sale.
Posted:  02 Feb 2011 20:18  
That being said, the old archives aren't doing anything constructive sitting on a hard drive somewhere, so why not make Jeff an offer and see if he'd be receptive to selling (or donating) those to the site?  Sort of a "housewarming" offering to help the new incarnation of his "baby" on its way...

Posted:  02 Feb 2011 20:43  
Um I have known of homes that sold furnished. I'm just sayin!
Posted:  03 Feb 2011 07:30  
I'm just happy to see the sight back up and in much better form. The old format probably would not mesh with this platform and they probably just bought the domain. Just happy the site is back up-new memories and information to create (with pictures!)
Posted:  11 Feb 2011 00:17  
Hi All - It's your old publisher, Jeff Morey. Miss you guys. Looks like this forum is kicking butt! Good job.

Well, Clem did contact me on this.

Here's the situation-

1.) I have verified that my team still has the raw database of all years of past 'Scaper Talk content.

2.) This database was not part of the original sale.

3.) I would be willing to sell this database.

Hey, by the way, looks like I'll be in Vegas at a garden distributor event - at the same time as Calscape. If I can still get a 'Press badge' I'll look forward to stoping by!

Posted:  11 Feb 2011 04:55  
how much are you asking for the database ol publisher?

would $500.00 cover it?
Posted:  11 Feb 2011 16:13  
I should add that if anyone is interested in purchasing the database, please contact me at: Jeff@IGCShow.com


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