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Posted:  22 Apr 2013 20:27  
Anyone know of any trucking companies that deliver foliage to New England?

We've been using Peninsula for years, just looking for alternatives.  I priced out MCT and they were extremely expensive, $5.85 per cube for 10" deckable plus 35% surcharge -she said it was based on the distance.

Any others that anybody knows of that come up here?

Posted:  22 Apr 2013 23:13  
Try Dick's Trucking Lines (DTL Transportation):

Posted:  24 Apr 2013 03:21  
Thanks Clem, I'll get in touch with them. 

I thought I asked them a year or two ago when they had a booth at TPIE, though, and they didn't come up this far.
Posted:  25 Apr 2013 01:16  
With the state of the foliage hauling biz right now, maybe that's changed...

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