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Interiorscape Forum / Scaper Talk Discussion Forum / General Scaper Talk / Tips for maintaining orchids on a two week watering cycle
Posted:  08 Feb 2012 01:14  
Hello All,

Looking for any tips that you may have when maintaining orchids on a two week maintenance cycle.  We rotate our orchids every six weeks although we are having trouble with roughly 25% of them lasting the entire 6 weeks.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted:  08 Feb 2012 01:25  
What kind of medium are they in?  Long-fibered sphagnum moss or bark mix?

Posted:  08 Feb 2012 12:31  
My first reaction is that (you are) getting a 75% success rate on a 6-week rotation is good.
I'd look for symptoms of incipient failure; discoloration in the area of unopened buds, crisping of the petals of the 'youngest' petals, color and texture of leaves.
I'd look for differences between the 75% and 25%.
Different supplier?
Different growing medium?
Different 'Technician Type' - usually dependent upon watering tendency; Over- or Under-.
  Let me hasten to say that there are excellent Technicians under either type. It is just that some plants are exacting in their moisture requirements -  humidity in the case of orchids.
I take it that you have considered limitations of location eg. drafts, lighting and the like.
There has to be an explanation. Very often it seems like a hide and seek game with Mother Nature.
Posted:  08 Feb 2012 13:42  
@ronalawn82 great reply...can you pm me?
Posted:  09 Feb 2012 07:04  
Unfortunately, "75% success" rate will not fly with clients.  They feel they are paying for 100% success rate, not 75%.  So let's get some more data that we can use to come up with a strategy.  In his posting, Bradson 7 asked for tips on how to correct the issue.  To do that, we need more details.

Posted:  19 Nov 2013 01:56  
Ive had success using a simple wic and stand sub system… two weeks no problem sometimes more

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