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Posted:  12 Mar 2013 19:17  
Hey, guys! Long time no see! We're trying to expand our interiorscaping and I'm trying to put together a brochure. I don't like what Microsoft Word has to offer for templates and was wondering if any of you may know of a web site with better templates. Free ones would be fantastic! Thanks!
Posted:  13 Mar 2013 16:28  
I think you'd need access to MS Publisher to get a more comprehensive gallery of styles and formats.  That doesn't come with every version of Office anymore.
Posted:  18 Mar 2013 05:05  
Although not free, vista print is a great site for brochure templates, business card template etc. you can upload your own pictures in your account and create different styles of brochures. www.vistaprint.com
Posted:  21 Mar 2013 22:47  
My website person helped me with mine. If you have a source for business cards or even if you know somone in your chamber of commerce or even a networking group if you are in one...may help.
Posted:  21 May 2013 19:43  
We just uploaded our new brochure in a PDF file to our site http://www.livingwallconcepts.ca/brochure.pdf but it comes out a little bit fuzzy depending on the screen ratio you are viewing at...

We supply a few local comnpanys with our brochure but their info on it. Let me know if you want any information about getting your own custom made brochure.
Posted:  05 Apr 2016 16:40   Last Edited By: IronArny 
Hello, yeah, I know one great website where you can get templates for brochures http://www.poweredtemplate.com/brochure-templ ... this is the proven one, I often use PowerPoint templates from there, hope it will be useful for you. Good luck.
Posted:  07 Apr 2016 23:08  
We've offer custom branded catalogs for containers with your logo, web address and phone number >>>


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