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Posted:  23 Jan 2012 20:47  
Just returned from TPIE and wanted to report to everyone.Well the weather south Florida is still nice this time of the year even if the locals wear coats.Got to visit w/ plant suppliers that I've known for years.I look forward to my annual pilgrimage to Florida not just because of the nice weather but mainly because of the people.I dont know that I saw anything earth shattering I did p/u some leads on some new plant suppliers.I would also like to add that I think when the numbers are run, the attendence was probabaly down.
I know everyone cannot attend but we must support TPIE it is our lifeblood.If you can't attend every year at least come once in a while.
The growers are suffering just like we are.We need each other to survive.The main growers are there but many secondary growers are gone.I think it gives them hope to see us and to let them know we appreciate them and pump them up that they are doing a good job.
It was great to see everyone and know the sky is not falling.

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