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Posted:  07 Mar 2011 19:24  
Hi guy's,

I'm new here, have lurked here and the other place for years. 

Seems most of us are being weeded out.  I have  a small family interior business in the Seattle area.  We are hanging on but fear two more years of the same and the country will not look the same.

I am finding many suppliers out of business and wish we could start a list of those we know for sure are gone, or inquire as to whether a supplier IS still in business.

I am trying to find out if Primescape Products is gone, they do not answer or return my phone calls.

Oh my, things are really looking bad, sorry to say so.
Posted:  07 Mar 2011 19:36  
Sorry, looks like I put this in the wrong sub forum, please move if you need to.
Posted:  07 Mar 2011 21:21  
I don't know if there is an east-coast and west-coast division of Primescape Products, but I just ordered from the Illinois location.  Charlene was my contact person (been there for a long time), but she is no longer working there.  I was told that Joe, the sales manager, would be my contact.  They also raised their minimum order to $200 (without $ penalty, that is).

Posted:  08 Mar 2011 02:27  
Thanks for the info.  I have left message with him and email.......nothing.

The minimum purchase is a bad idea that will be their waterloo.
Posted:  08 Mar 2011 16:22  
Yep, it's getting tougher and tougher to deal with the shrinking roster of suppliers and nurseries out there, especially if you're a small 'scaper.

Customer service seems to have gone the way of the horse-and-buggy.  We use NewPro a lot, and they give great customer service.  They own this site, so why not give them a try?

Posted:  09 Mar 2011 01:49  
thank you Clem for the info.
Posted:  09 Mar 2011 21:05  
Hi everyone:

It's nice to see the blog alive and well again.  I'm sad to read, however, that we've fallen short in returning a call or email.  Believe it or not, we receive daily positive feedback regarding our prompt attnetion to our customers' needs.  Like NewPro, we provide exceptional customer service... but it is hard to please every person, every time.

Our call volume can be high, but we do return emails and voicemails, same day if possible.  Occasioanlly, a call may be returned the next day.  Billiek, please don't hesitate to try me back at 847-634-4125 (ext. 30122).  Also, my email is joe@primescapeproducts.com.

Any interested parties shoud please feel free to note my contact info.  I'd love to discuss any concerns regarding Primescape's service over the phone (in lieu of a blog).


Joe Barnes
Primescape Products
Posted:  09 Mar 2011 23:52  
See, Joe got the message and jumped on that sucker!  The power of 'Scaper Talk, reaffirmed!  Thanks, Joe.

Posted:  29 Mar 2011 00:30  
I saw your post and wanted to let you know that Sunborne Nursery in San Francisco delivers to the Pacific Northwest every three weeks.  There is no minimum order, and we supply plants, containers, and  everything in between!  Check out the website at www.sunborne.com or call 415-821-7726.

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