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Posted:  12 May 2015 10:00  
I am thinking about starting an interior plant maint. company.  I had one in school 30 years when earning a BS in Plant Science.  I am trying to find solid industry information that can help me with my decision to start business or not.  Is this industry too competitive for newbies?  Any recommendations on sources, references?  Is PIA the predominant industry organization?

Thanks, any information or steering would be helpful.
Posted:  12 May 2015 16:30   Last Edited By: admin 
PIA has been dissolved or absorbed into AmericanHort. Here's a couple industry websites you should check out...

Green Plants for Green Buildings


National Association of Landscape Professionals

Check out this post for some other links...

18 Interiorscape Websites You Should Bookmark ...

Also keep an eye on the NewPro blog, composed by 9 industry experts from around the country. It's updated 2-3 times weekly.

NewPro Interiorscape Blog
Posted:  13 May 2015 07:20  
Completely helpful, thank you so much.  I had been scouting around but the industry has definitely changed and I didn't know who the players were any more.  It looks like I have some catching up to do!  What wonderful resources are now available!

The next thing I am looking for is state of the industry type of information.  How healthy the industry is important.  I don't want to spend a lot of good time, emotion and money pursuing an impractical, romanticized version of the economic realities of the industry.  The best I can come up with is IBISWorld ties Interior Landscaping with the Interior Design industry.  That industry is looking at slow but relatively steady growth because "it is well received in the marketplace."  Has this become for Interior Plantscaping?
Posted:  14 May 2015 16:37  
I am finding a ton of great information but from way different corners of the web.  Does anyone have a really good recommendation for a primer, written by someone with a lot of industry experience? 

I have some (older) industry experience and a BS degree in the area, but I would like to see some resource about "this is how you start, run and maintain a plant interiorscaping business from A-Z."

Thanks - looking for some advice in "cutting through the weeds."
Posted:  15 May 2015 21:00  
We've built up a substantial customer base since 1989. I'm sure we could conduct a representative survey via Survey Monkey. Can you list the questions/data you're looking for to help me build out the survey?

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