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Posted:  24 Feb 2015 22:47  
Has anyone ever used a sales rep based off a commission or incentive? I am looking to hire someone who can help me grow in sales and marketing but I am not big enough to pay a lot. Lol

Just curious how I should approach an applicant and figure out a way to make this relationship mutually beneficial.
Posted:  26 Feb 2015 03:07  
Of course, commissioned salespeople are commonplace in service industries (landscaping, janitorial, interiorscaping, etc.).  But if you're small, you probably can't provide the volume of prospects that a salesperson can close to make it worth their while to do sales full time.  Maybe you can hire someone who can multi-task as a salesperson and do other jobs within the company as well.  Don't mean to discourage you, but think about what it takes to support a family (or even a single person) today, and how much in sales that person would have to close to make that much commission.  But if you can provide a continual stream of qualified leads and prospects for a talented salesperson to pursue, it might work for you.
Posted:  10 Mar 2015 23:16  
Thank you Clem! Great angle
Posted:  10 Mar 2015 23:52  
Thank you Clem! Great angle

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