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Posted:  31 Jan 2016 22:24  
We are bidding out an interiorscape in a large building in Minnesota.  The existing ARTIFICIAL landscaping will be torn out, we are creating a new design, purchasing new artificial plant products, and doing all the installation.  What gets taxed?
My thought is the design work is not taxed, however the product and labor is?  Help!  I have looked all over the Minnesota sites and can't find an answer.
Posted:  01 Feb 2016 15:03  
call your state tax department. in our state, if the labor os broken out it is not taxable, but all the materials and product are taxable. it varies by state

same for maintenance btw. if you guarantee the plants you have to charge sales tax... which most people don't seem to know, but it can come back to bite you in the a**
Posted:  02 Feb 2016 23:16  
http://www.revenue.state.mn.us/businesses/sut ...
Posted:  06 Feb 2016 21:26  
Thank you Alex.  Clem, this is the exact page I read.  What is confusing is that everything written on that document pertains to outdoor landscaping or indoor landscaping with live plants.  Everything we're doing is artificial, nothing is real.  Do you think I still use the information on this page?  I have called the State department, but can't seem to find the person that knows about my unique business. (I also rent artificial items for events)
Posted:  07 Feb 2016 19:37  
I would assume that if you're decorating with live plants, a mix of live and artificial, or all artificial, you're still doing interior landscaping.  You might be considered a florist, too, but if you can't get a straight answer in writing from the division of revenue in your state, go with the application that's closest to what's in the regulations.  You might contact an accountant in your state, but I doubt they'll say anything different.
Posted:  07 Feb 2016 22:36  
it doesn't matter if the "product" is live or artificial. the state wants sales tax on it and you have to collect and submit sales tax in most states whether you sell or lease the product. your accountant should be able to answer these questions for you...

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