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Posted:  24 May 2011 14:13  
Have a quick question on pricing. On new lease and maintenance accounts does anyone charge clients an initial installation fee or is this included in lease and maintenance monthly fee. If an initial fee is charged, how much of a down payment do you require. Just wanting to make sure I'm pricing correctly. Thanks!
Posted:  24 May 2011 15:00  
Early in the game, I offered leasing by companioning with a bank for the seed money for the installations.  They always required the first and last payment upfront (in addition to researching the company before agreeing to the financing).

I included the installation fee in the cost that was financed, although it would not be a bad idea to include that in the upfront money.

Posted:  25 May 2011 05:27  
Back in the middle ages when we were active in this segment of the market we always would charge an installation fee whether it was a purchase or a lease. You still have the same costs involved and you have to be reimbursed for these costs, plus a profit on the installation. And yes, charge the first and last month's lease at the beginning of the lease. Just another method of getting your initial costs covered as soon as possible.
Posted:  25 May 2011 23:52  
Dittos to what Rick said.  Always get the installation labor and materials charges paid up front...don't finance labor: your employees don't wait twelve months to recover their wages, do they?

Posted:  28 May 2011 01:25  
Yes, always charge an install cost.

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