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Posted:  27 Jun 2011 23:49  
What the heck does "reputation" mean by our name on our postings?  Many are unranked.  Should we be labeling ourselves...perhaps "derelict?"..."asleep at the wheel?"..."Hot Stuff?"  Geez!  What does it mean???

Ranking: "Top of the pile of Confused, as to the meaning of this!" ?
Posted:  28 Jun 2011 23:22  
I think it's like the "hero" and other rankings on other sites...a function of how often you post, I think.

Posted:  29 Jun 2011 01:37  
Then what is the User Rank? That's what I thought that was.

Posted:  29 Jun 2011 08:57   Last Edited By: anonymous 
See the green thumbs up button and the red thumbs down button above your post count, if you click on the green one it says add to reputation and the red says subtract from rep.

It's a way many forums allow anonymous voting of whether someone thinks what the poster said is vaild or not or likes what the user has posted without having to reply in an additional post.
Posted:  29 Jun 2011 21:37  
Thanks!  I always wondered what the point of the colored thumbs was.  Thought they were just to vent your frustration or enthusiasm for the person.  Didn't know that they were actually tallied!

Posted:  30 Jun 2011 03:57  
Sidebar: wish Facebook had "Dislike" as well as "Like".  It would be only fair.


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