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Posted:  03 May 2014 06:01  
What are the chances of winning in any category of the PIA Awards Program?? When looking at past winners from previous years: Ambius, Planterra, etc. and these companies all have a seat on the PIA Board of Directors?? How in the hell does that work?
I think I'll hold on to my 400.00 entry fee and skip it. These people must think we are dumber than hell.
Posted:  03 May 2014 13:06  
the judging is done by three industry professionals and the judges are different each year.

entries are not identified to the panel of judges so there is no likelihood of the awards being "fixed" as you suggest!

yes, some of us do act like we are "dumber than hell"

if you have a project that may be worthy of recognition, you should enter it. better HURRY!
Posted:  05 May 2014 15:25  
For myself, the effort to take appropriate pictures, the cost to do so, and the cost to enter have always been the stumbling blocks.  Clearly, larger organizations with more staff and larger budgets can do this more easily.  I would suspect that that is as much the issue as anything with many companies.
Posted:  05 May 2014 16:38  
I completely agree Julie. The awards program is set up to cater to the large national or international Interiorscapers. Entry into just ONE category is steep let alone entering into multiple. Considering there is no prize, it's just too much money just to gain 'street credit!!'
Posted:  06 May 2014 20:14  
Ambius is an international company, and has the budget to pay the ridiciulous entry fees. That is why they win a dozen awards every year. The vast majority of Interiorscape companies can't afford membership into the PIA let alone entry fees for competition. I can't see paying 300-400 yearly for membership, just to say you belong, and have entry fees reduced to a 'still unreachable' level. That's big bucks just for 'street credit.' Because that is what you win!
Posted:  07 May 2014 02:03  
the annual dues in PIA is $250 a year if you have 0-10 employees. that's $21 a month and you can pay it monthly.

if you can't afford $21 a month to support the industry that you are a part of then you have no business being in business imo.

the benefits are immeasurable just by being connected with others in the industry.

of course ambuius walks away with awards every year, just by their sheer size and number of entries. not so  much because they are good at what they do!
Posted:  07 May 2014 04:57  
My point exactly Alex!

They win because of the number of entries!  Because they can AFFORD to drop money like that. It's hand down UNFAIR. The competition is not formatted for 'the little guy.' It should be affordable for ALL in the industry.

Are you honestly saying anyone who can't afford membership with PIA doesn't belong in the industry?!

I was told the yearly fee (broken down is only _ per month, but needed to be paid in one sum.) I can certainly afford 21.00 per month, and YES I do have a right to be in the industry. I don't base my abilities in the field on whether or not I'm affiliated with PIA!! Let's be realistic now!!
Posted:  07 May 2014 13:20  
miss daisy, no, i'm not saying anyone that can't afford PIA membership doesn't belong in the industry. i'm saying that anyone that can't afford $21 a month to support the industry association that is dedicated to our tiny industry may want to consider that they probably should not be in this business at all.

take a cruise around the PIA website. Membership is payable monthly.

the entries in the awards program are not judged against each other. each entry is awarded points based upon set criteria and awards are made or not based upon the number of points.

i do agree with you that by its sheer size and number of entries ambius may come off as "buying" off the awards program, but they pretty much do that in all facets of business don't they?

there are many small and medium sized companies in PIA and the rewards of membership are many.

you should try to attend the PIA @ IGC in chicago this August.

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