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Posted:  29 Mar 2011 01:00  
In this new economy, the word partnering comes up a lot.
About a month ago, we were approached by a landscaping company to see if we would partner with them on a large reno project. Knowing the company for over twenty years and having done some business with them, we thought, Why not? Did a lot of ground work, estimating, picture taking, information sending and not least of all sharing some of our contacts of designers and engineers.
To make a long story short, we found out through one of our contacts that they were now shopping interiorscaping as part of their portfolio.  My trust was in the founder of the company, but her son did not have the same integrity as his mother.

I feel that I should send them a large bill for consulting, knowing very well that we will never get that one paid, but it may send a message.

From now on partnering in our office will be done within very strict guidelines and will be agreed on by written responsibilities.

Posted:  29 Mar 2011 03:56  
My dad was a union delegate and regional rep, and he always told me this:

"If it ain't in writing, it don't mean s**t!"

Truer words were never spoken...these days, integrity seems to extend only to the limits of legal liability.  After that, it's strictly a crapshoot.

Posted:  08 Apr 2011 18:22  
I get approached all the time from individuals and organizations who want to "partner" with me on something.  I tell them "Great!  Send me a proposal and tell me what you'll be bringing to the table as your contribution, and how you envision this partnership working out."  I have yet to hear back from anyone. -Kathy
Posted:  09 Apr 2011 17:16  

You cracked me up with that one!   So true, so true...

Posted:  27 May 2011 18:30  
There is more than one way to skin a cat. Another way is to show up with non-compete agreement in hand. This way you will not compromise your contacts.

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